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Bah running down the street
Bahb and Siesta sitting on the couh pointing up top


Tell The Truth!  |  S2E4

Sometimes, being honest can be hard! But telling the truth gives us the power to make a change. Come along on this social-emotional learning journey with Bahb, Mister Boots and our new friend Cayman the Crab. 

Developing A Positive Relationship Between Families and Rest

At Boone Productions, our goal is to use storytelling to bring generations together, fostering healing and understanding. 
We prioritize creating inclusive narratives that promote social progress.

Two white cloud illustrations
Bahb the sheet, a sleep mask, stars, a hot air balloon and clouds in the sky

Meet Bahb + Buddies


Bahb The Sheep

Mister Boots

Ray The Radio

Tok The Clock

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Children in classsroom watching The Nap Time Show
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Join your favorite sheep and his best buddies on a new adventure to solve problems, learn something new and forge meaningful friendships! Watch an episode of The Nap Time Show now:

Three sheep

CBS News Detroit

Creator Sierra Boone shares more about how The Nap Time Show is educating children on healthy sleep habits.

TV Kids 

Boone Productions’ The Nap Time Show Featured in World Screen’s TV Kids In-Demand Showcase for Diversity & Inclusion.

Bahb and Siesta walking hand in hand

Meet Bahb + Buddies

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Bahb The Sheep
Mister Boots
Ray The Radio
Tok The Clock