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Kids Sleep Trainer Clock

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Meet your new best friend - the Kids Sleep Trainer Clock from The Nap Time Show! 

This isn’t just any clock; it’s a life-saver naptime companion that works hand-in-hand with your child's favorite episodes of The Nap Time Show. Imagine a world where your little ones look forward to nap time, easing into it with smiles and yawns. That's the promise of our cuddly clock, making it a must-have for every family!


  • As your child settles in with an episode of The Nap Time Show, our clock is getting ready to work its magic. 
  • Thirty minutes before sleep time, a soothing blue light glows, signaling the start of winding down. 
  • Just as the episode wraps up, the clock transitions to sleep mode - blue light off, eyes closed, moon icon on - whispering, "It's nap time." 
  • But that's not all! When it's time to rise and shine, our clock gently wakes your child with a warm yellow light, transitioning to a bright green glow, and with eyes wide open and a sun icon, it says, "Good morning!" 
  • It's like having a gentle, friendly nudge to start and end their naptime perfectly.

Crafted with love, our Kids Sleep Trainer Clock is more than an alarm clock; it's a colorful, fun, and interactive way to support your child's sleep routine. Whether it's naptime or bedtime, this charming clock aligns perfectly with The Nap Time Show, making sleep times easy and fun. Say goodbye to bedtime struggles and hello to peaceful nights and joyful mornings. With the Kids Sleep Trainer Clock, every parent will revel in the joy of a well-rested child, and every child will embrace sleep with a smile. Let's make sleep a delightful adventure together! 🌜🌞💤

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