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A light blue sleeping mask with closed eyelash designs, framed by a pink, dotted eye mask holder with a scalloped edge.

Fostering a connection between families and beneficial relaxation

Toddler holding a blue smartphone case, focused intently on the screen, with a background that is softly blurred.

In June 2020, the Boone sisters collaborated on Beaumanities, the live-action and animation Trailer and Pilot created to make critical theory more accessible. It was recognized by Matthew A. Cherry and an Official Selection in various web festivals.

After the success of Beaumanities and the collective awakening of the last year, we started Boone Productions — a family-led, art-based and love-founded prodco — in order to use the power of story to spark intergenerational healing, understanding and growth on a foundation of intersectional liberation principles. 

A joyful family of five, with two wearing hats, gathers around a kitchen island decorated with holiday decor, smiling warmly at the camera. one member holds a blue teddy bear.
Family is our foundation. 
Community is our cause.
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Meet the Cast

A joyful Sierra L. Boone  wearing a pink satin sleep cap and a bright orange headscarf smiles warmly. she has long black braids and is dressed in a turquoise turtleneck under a light purple jacket
Illustration of Siesta from The Nap Time Show

Siesta Played by Sierra L. Boone


Our host guides children through each episode, teaching lessons and preparing children for their nap. Siesta and her best pal, Bahb the Sheep, work together to solve any conflict (usually fixed in the end by taking a nap) and strengthen relationships.


The guiding light of our show, Siesta is more than just a character; she's a friend, a big cousin, and a mentor rolled into one. Children are naturally drawn to her charismatic presence, finding a role model they can look up to and trust implicitly. With Siesta's help, your little ones will sharpen their skills of attentiveness, learning to focus on the world around them with wonder and curiosity. Siesta embodies the perfect blend of teacher and companion, making learning feel like play.

Mister Boots played by Eric Boone sitting on a chair outside
Illustration of Mister Boots from The Nap Time Show

Mister Boots Played by Eric Boone


Bahb’s and Siesta's nature-loving neighbor. He teaches us about the beauty of connecting to the great outdoors and respecting wildlife by introducing us to new animal friends each episode. Not to mention, Mister Boots has THE most impressive galosh collection you ever did see!


Mister Boots invites us into the great outdoors, showing the beauty and importance of nature. Studies have shown that interacting with nature significantly enhances a child's emotional and physical well-being. Mister Boots, with his deep love for the environment and its creatures, teaches children to cherish and respect the natural world. This connection to nature is not just educational; it's a path to tranquility, essential for restful naps.

Ray The Radio played by Alexis J. Bowens in a relaxed yoga pose
Illustration of Ray the Radio from The Nap Time Show

Ray the Radio Played by Alexis J. Bowens


Raydio uses music to guide Bahb, Siesta and viewers through mindful yoga &meditation sessions.


Ray the Radio tunes into the power of mindfulness, teaching kids the value of calm and focus. Mindfulness, along with mindful breathing, has been shown to calm the nervous system, aid in better behavior, better communication skills and more. Ray’s role makes relaxation and rest more accessible to children. Ray's lessons in meditation and yoga are not just about quiet moments; they're tools for life, helping your little ones find peace and readiness for rest.

Bahb the Sheep Played by Eric Boone


The star of our show, Bahb the Sheep is Siesta's best friend...and he'll soon be your child's BFF, too! Bahb is curious and beautifully authentic by helping kids work through conflict, see the value in being yourself and imagine a better world. 


Through Bahb's eyes, children explore their world, learning valuable lessons in problem-solving, emotional regulation, and the importance of listening to trustworthy grown-ups. Puppetry, the art form that brings Bahb to life, is a powerful tool for development, helping children see themselves in Bahb's fluffy adventures, fostering empathy and self-recognition. Bahb's journey is their journey, full of discovery and growth.

Tok the Clock Played by Kristian Miller


Our quirky clock teaches the importance of healthy routines by making announcements when it's time to move on to another activity. 


Tok the Clock is not your ordinary timekeeper. In our whimsical world, Tok is a friendly reminder of the importance of routines. Routines are crucial for children, providing them with a sense of security and predictability. Tok makes the concept of a pre-nap routine exciting, turning the mundane into magic. With every chime, Tok gently guides your children through the show's segments, making the transition to nap time seamless and fun.

For Grown-Ups

Discover a thoughtfully curated collection of resources to help you in your parenting journey. You know what they say: it takes a village. Let us be a part of yours.

Three young children smiling and hugging, with joyful expressions, standing in front of a gray background.

Watch Bahb In Action

Join your favorite sheep and his best buddies on a new adventure to solve problems, learn something new and forge meaningful friendships! Watch an episode of The Nap Time Show now:

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