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The Napping Dinosaurs Coloring Book



Based off our hit song of the same name, this delightful coloring book is filled with adorable images of baby dinosaurs getting some much-needed rest.


Join these little dinosaurs as they take naps before embarking on exciting adventures and roaring with joy. From wearing sleeping eye masks to snuggling under cozy blankets, these dino friends know how to recharge their energy for playtime.


Explore this enchanting world and let your imagination come alive with colors as you bring these sleepy dinosaurs to life. BOM BOM BOM!


File Information and License Specs

Thank you for your interest in "The Napping Dinosaurs," a coloring book designed to enrich your family's life with mindfulness and joy. Below is essential information regarding your purchase and the use of this book:

  • Format: Upon purchase, you will receive this book as a PDF file, which allows for easy access across a variety of digital devices.
  • Download: Right after your purchase is confirmed, you will be granted the ability to download the book directly. This ensures immediate access so you can start enjoying the content without delay.
  • Printing Permission: We understand the value of having a physical copy. Therefore, as a purchaser, you are permitted to print the book for personal use. However, this privilege is strictly limited to buyers only.
  • Ownership and Resale: It's important to note that "The Napping Dinosaurs" is the intellectual property of The Nap Time Show. As such, selling this product in any form is not allowed.
  • Usage Agreement: By purchasing this book, you agree to not replicate, distribute, or utilize the content for personal gain. This includes avoiding the copying of any material found within the book.
  • Content Sharing: Sharing book content online or in any other public forum is prohibited unless The Nap Time Show is fully and clearly credited.
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