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11 Fun and Easy Craft Projects for Preschoolers during Nap Time

Crafting with preschoolers can be a fantastic way to spark creativity and keep them entertained, especially before or after their nap time. These 10 craft projects are designed to engage young minds with simple materials and clear instructions. Some of these activities can be enjoyed together, creating bonding experiences for adults and children, while others are perfect for solo play to keep kids positively occupied.

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Craft #1: Bahb the Sheep Sensory Craft

Materials Needed: Cotton Balls, Construction Paper, Glue Instructions: Glue cotton balls onto paper to create a fluffy sheep.

Craft #2: DIY Popsicle Stick Frame

Materials Needed: Popsicle Sticks, Glue, Paint, Glitter Instructions: Glue popsicle sticks together to form a frame, then decorate with paint and glitter.

Tip: Use the finished frame to hold a real photo! Go for inception vibes by having it hold a photo of your child holding their finished frame, or make it sentimental with a family photo!

Craft #3: Crawly Caterpillar Carton Parade

Materials Needed: Egg Carton, Paint, Pipe Cleaners Instructions: Paint sections of an egg carton and attach pipe cleaners for legs to make a cute caterpillar.

Craft #4: Sunny Pom-Pom Party Plate

Materials Needed: Paper Plate, Yellow Paint, Pom-Poms Instructions: Paint the paper plate yellow, then glue pom-poms around the edge to create a sunny masterpiece.

Craft #5: Educational Clock Craft for Preschoolers

Materials: Gather some construction paper, used water bottles, cardboard circles and more for this interactive and fun craft that teaches kids how to tell time.

Watch the full tutorial below:

Craft #6: Happy Handprint Blossoms

Materials Needed: Paint, Paper Instructions: Dip little hands in paint to make handprint flowers on paper.

Craft #7: Peekaboo Painted Binoculars

Materials Needed: Toilet Paper Rolls, Paint, String Instructions: Paint two rolls, let dry, then attach them with string to create binoculars.

Craft #8: Giggly Googly Critter Tubes

Materials Needed: Cardboard Tubes, Construction Paper, Googly Eyes Instructions: Decorate cardboard tubes with paper and googly eyes to make various animals.

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Craft #9: Rainbow Crunch Munch Art

Materials Needed: Fruit Loops, Paper, Glue Instructions: Glue colorful fruit loops onto paper in a rainbow shape.

Craft #10: Sponge-Stamped Shape-a-rama

Materials Needed: Sponges, Paint, Paper Instructions: Cut sponges into shapes, dip in paint, and stamp onto paper.

Craft #11: Mystical Masquerade Plate

Materials Needed: Paper Plates, Paint, Markers Instructions: Cut eye-holes in plates, paint and decorate to create fun masks.

Crafting with preschoolers not only keeps them entertained but also helps in their development and fosters creativity. These activities provide quality time together and are perfect for nap time fun. Try out these easy DIY projects and make crafting a part of your family's routine!

Looking for some fun and edu-taining craft demonstrations? Watch our mini-series, Siesta's Crafty Corner!


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