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The Oaty Float Recipe | Calming Milk Drinks for Kids

The secret recipe to our signature drink is finally out!

calming milk drink with sprinkle of cinnamon

Every episode of The Nap Time Show, you'll watch Bahb the Sheep and Siesta whipping up something so cozy and delicious, it'll have you and your little ones floating into dreamland with the happiest bellies. This calming milk drink is as helpful as it is delicious.

Say hello to our signature sip, "The Oaty Float"!

This comforting concoction is our secret weapon for a serene, snuggle-up-and-snooze adventure. It's like a warm hug in a mug, perfect for those pre-nap or pre-sleep rituals. 🌜🥛✨

Why The Oaty Float, you ask?

Well, let's dive into the magic potion that makes this drink a must-have in your bedtime routine.

  • Our Oaty Float is crafted with gut-healthy spices that not only taste amazing but also do wonders for your digestion, immune system, and even your mood. 🌟

  • And guess what? It's made with oat milk, which means it's dairy-free and packed with oodles of goodness, like fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

  • This drink is a powerhouse of nutrients, helping to reduce blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and even prevent cancer.

  • Plus, it's super quick and easy to make, and we've concocted it to be utterly delicious to kiddos, making them actually look forward to their napping or bedtime! 🛌💤

A mother in hijab and her natural-haired daughter cook together

Ready to make your own Oaty Float?

Here's what you'll need:

  1. a blend of cocoa and cacao powder for that chocolaty goodness

  2. a pinch of ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon for a spice kick

  3. a dash of nutmeg for a little extra warmth (totally optional!), and

  4. some raw honey to sweeten the deal.

Combine these with oat milk (kiddos love it with vanilla-flavored!), and froth it up until it's fluffy, creamy, and utterly irresistible. Pour this dreamy mix into your favorite The Nap Time Show mugs, take a sip, and let the yawns begin. It's time to drift off into the sweetest of slumbers. 💫🌙

The Ultimate Calming Milk Drink

Let's make bedtime or naptime something to look forward to with The Oaty Float. It's more than just a drink; it's a ticket to the most peaceful, pleasant dreams. Cheers to sweet sips and even sweeter sleeps! 🍫🍯🥛💖 

Prefer to Have it Perfectly Whipped up For You?

It's one thing to have the recipe, but it's another thing to taste it blended perfectly as it was envisioned. If you'd like to be the FIRST to know when you can purchase packaged Oaty Floats on a shelf near you, subscribe to our newsletter!

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